Welcome to BigStix™ Knitting!

BigStix™ …

… knitting needles open up a whole new world of possibilities when working with the new Jumbo sized yarns available today! No longer do you have to be limited by the length of your arms, or how much floor space you have, or even what yarns you’re working with. BigStix™ are regular knitting needles – well, maybe they’re a little bigger, lol – which allows you to do anything your regular sized knitting needles can do, just bigger for a BIGGER statement!

Not only can you use the Jumbo sized yarns out there, you can take multiple strands of other yarns and knit them together as one, giving you a limitless number of colour and fibre combinations! 

Despite their size, BigStix™ are lightweight and very easy to use. You’ll find doing cables much simpler since you don’t need a cable needle! Now you can knit a blanket in an afternoon while binge watching a Netflix show, without having to seam together countless squares or panels! Need a new seat cushion? Whip one up in an hour with your BigStix™!

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