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Hello knitters and crocheters! There’s so much to say I hardly know where to begin! Yes, it’s been a while, but the good news is that not only are we back, we’re here to stay. What I thought might only be a short fling has blossomed into a long term relationship with no end in sight. Yeah!

So jumping right in, about 10 months ago I was introduced to Bob. He loves to create in his workshop! I had an idea for some very large knitting needles after seeing the enthusiasm for arm knitting. While I think arm knitting is fun and a great way to get people introduced to knitting, I’m not a fan of the restrictions or the difficulty when you want to do cables, colourwork, or even just pause in your knitting. So I talked to Bob about making our own needles and I’m glad to say we’ve finally locked down the final version of the circular needles, swing needles, and a crochet hook! Are there others out there with large needles? Absolutely! But none of them are like ours (I may be a little biased) and we guarantee every pair we make to be free of defects or we’ll replace them free!

So the next post will be about the swing needles and crochet hooks (and they’ll be available for order as well). Today I’m going to talk to you about our special needles to help fight breast cancer – BigStix™ PINK!

Yes, these are the same BigStix™ Classic needles you know, with 3 exceptions!

  1. The tubing is PINK! This is breast cancer awareness month and we’ve replaced our blue tubing with this pink one to help raise awareness. It’s the same great fat tubing as in our classics to hold the big stitches you’re going to make with your needles, just pink instead!
  2. There’s a cool ribbon logo on the needles with inspirational quotes to keep you motivated. It was designed by Amanda Nye in 2010 and we thought it a great way to remind you to never give up hope!
  3. These needles fight breast cancer with a $10 donation to Knitted Knockers with every set sold!


We were initially going to donate $$ from each set sold to cancer research, but had the idea to send it to Knitted Knockers instead. Why? Well, click the link to find out more about knitted knockers, or watch the video below. Knitted Knockers is a non-profit organization that provides breast prosthesis to women who are battling breast cancer and have gone through a mastectomy. The knockers are light, natural feeling (knitted and crocheted by volunteers), come in all shapes ad sizes, and best of all are FREE! Barb, the woman who started Knitted Knockers and herself a survivor, is passionate about this cause and sends the knockers around the world to women in need.



As Barb is a personal friend and an amazing woman, I thought I’d donate $10 from each set to her cause because the effect is immediately visible. It takes approximately $10 for Barb to get a pair of knitted knockers into the hands of a woman needing them. They are sent worldwide to women needing them and provided free of charge. They are also made available to hospitals, doctors offices, and other organizations able to distribute them. So not only are you getting an amazing set of knitting needles to make whatever you can imagine, you’re helping give a woman back her dignity and pride! There’s only a limited number of these needles available, so order yours today to make sure you get them!


BigStix™ PINK knitting needles - big needles for your big projects! #gobigorgohome!




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