The onset of thicker yarns (super/ultra bulky or Jumbo classification) has seen the next step in the evolution of knitting and crocheting. Now crafters are able to create large pieces in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Unfortunately, the current equipment for doing this is unwieldy or inconvenient. Imagine being half way through a row of arm knitting and needing to take a washroom break!
There are other problems with arm knitting however, the most obvious being getting a consistent gauge, since everyone’s arm is different. Then there’s the fact that you can’t manipulate stitches nearly as easily as you can with needles – colourwork, cables, even simple textures (seed stitch, rib, garter, etc) are extremely difficult or nearly impossible. The other option currently available is using needles. But can you imagine having to manipulate needles 2 or more feet long? This is why we have developed the BigStix knitting needles!
With BigStix needles, you could easily make a full King sized blanket (or bigger) without the need of having to knit panels and then sew them together (a very problematic process with bulky yarn – think of the size of the seams!) or needing to have extremely long arms or needles (see above). At a massive size 100 or 38mm, the BigStix allow you to use the Jumbo yarn and have it look as it was meant to – loose yet firm. Currently, the size 50 (25mm) needles creates a fabric that is too tight for this larger yarn.
Size really DOES matter!

So along came BigStix, the brain child of MrHugzzz (Steve Malcolm) of It Takes Balls To Knit and Bob and Linda Marr of Wineberry Fabrics. Bringing their experience in the fibre/fabric world and woodworking knowledge together, the needles were created.

To show you the real awesomeness of BigStix, I’d like to introduce you to August! She’s also the subject of our second blog post! That’s August in the pictures above. She’s 10 years old, and a beginner knitter. The blanket she’s sitting on and wrapped up in, is her own creation! I gave her 8 balls of Loops and Threads™ Chunky™ and told her to go crazy! A few hours later, voilà! As I said, the full story is on our blog.
That’s just the beginning though! As we mentioned, the industry is producing yarns in a new thickness we’ve never seen before. It’s rated a 7 by the Yarn Craft Council (YCC) and is anything that is 6 stitches or fewer per 4″/10cm. That’s some thick yarn! Prior to this there was only roving, which also has it’s disadvantages!

BigStix allow you to manipulate the jumbo yarns with ease, as they’re circular needles crafted for just that! Now you can avoid all the limitations of arm knitting and very long sticks and create anything your heart will desire.

And yes, we’re well on our way to creating a BigStix crochet hook as well!

We look forward to providing you with patterns and inspiration so you can create masterpieces of your own! Whether you use 1 strand (or 2) of the Jumbo yarn, or 2, 3, 4, or more of the super bulky, bulky, or other weights, the possibilities are endless! We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

BigStix are designed in British Columbia, Canada.